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I’m Over The Walking Dead


I was late to the scene for the walking dead. I binge-watched three seasons in one week. I was hooked. Addicted. I was a part of the Walking Dead watch parties–and by “a part” of them, I mean I joined via Facebook as I watched it Sunday night from my own home.

However, the last two seasons, watching them one episode every week, was a drag. And then, the last season, with as long and drawn out as it was–after over a month, we still hadn’t made it past one day, and then it took FOREVER to find out of Glen even LIVED?! I was done.

I have it recorded on my DVR. I’ve read the posts of what happened. *shrug* I love Michonne. I’m glad they’re following the comics, kind of, sort of. But I don’t REALLY care because I never actually read the comics.

But, with as busy as I am, I don’t think this is one show I’ll return to. I just don’t have time to watch it. I mean, I have to fight for my TV time, so it had better be good, you know?

So, yeah. I’m letting The Walking Dead go. Sorry, guys. I still have my apocalypse bug-out bag. I still have my zombie apocalypse plan. And I’m still looking forward to some zombie killing time–for as long as I can remain among the living, but I’m done with the show. It was good while it lasted.


How the Universe Works – Great for Kids!


Things 1 & 2 have a TV in their room.

I’m opposed to this. I don’t think they should have a TV in their room. When they’re in there, they should be doing their thing, and if they get bored, they’ll figure out how to entertain themselves. Their form of entertainment is usually the complete annihilation of the other sister, but…whatever. I’m the Wicked Stepmother. I can allow them to kill the other off. We’re fine.

So, most times, the TV remains unplugged.

Remember? Wicked Stepmother, here.

However, there are times when the yelling and the screaming and the apartment-wrecking madness is too much and I need a little quiet time. Not quiet I’m-going-to-entertain-you time. Frell that. No. The Wicked Stepmother needs time to work at home. After work. And between dishes and all the other stuff that Mr. Dork is helping on, but needs help with the helping. Whatever. No. I’m not going to do arts and crafts with them and read to them ALL THE TIME.

So….occasionally…I allow the TV to babysit.

We don’t have a yard. We have a parking lot and a street. A very busy street. So, glare elsewhere, perfect moms. When we grow up and get a Big Kid House–that no one can frelling afford right now–then I’ll throw them outside to play….out there.

However, Thing 1 has taken such a liking to How the Universe Works, which is one of Mr. Dork’s and my favorite shows–because it’s amazing!–that she now wants to be an astrophysicist. AND she’s doing her 1st grade science fair project on quasars because How the Universe Works made the concept of quasars easy to understand and FUN!

So, just a note to all the busy moms out there, all the busy dads out there, and all the busy half-moms and half-dads out there: if you need a spare 45 minutes, How the Universe Works is the way to go!

The Expanse – WOW!


OMW! The Expanse! We only have time to watch one show together a night, Mr. Dork and I. Sometimes, I get home in time to catch one more.

This is the show I watch without him. It annoys him because the show is so good! Also, we’re writing a space opera together. Nothing like this. Well, kinda. But, no. Nothing really like this.

The Expanse made space operas real. Real people. Plausible storylines. I mean, I love me some space operas. I do! But this one is gritty. The writing is amazing. The graphics are great! The ACTING! OMW! Amazing!

There are parts that make me uncomfortable, but only because I’m like, “Dude, you’re about to get yourself in some serious trouble! Pull out! Pull out!”

I’ve still got four episodes on my DVR. Which sucks because I’m in the middle of edits of several books and we’re in the midst of moving in together. Joy of joys.

We might be catching up on this show until Kill Joys comes back. But that’s okay because it will be time I will utterly enjoy!

Shannara Chronicles – Slightly Annoyed


I vaguely remember reading this series as a kid. Hey, don’t slay me. That was almost thirty years ago. I remember being entertained, but it didn’t take away my breath like the Belgariad, by David Eddings. THAT one…yeah. Amazing!

Mr. Dork and I saw this one come on after Teen Wolf, and thought, “Wow! We should try this out.”

Mr. Dork is still pleasantly entertained, to the point where he’ll ask if there’s a new episode. We watch, maybe, one TV episode a night/day. We’re pretty busy. But, anyways.

I’m a bit disappointed in the characters.

I don’t recall that all the elves were so frelling fragile.

Also, I don’t remember all the females being so…female. “Oh, boys.” “Oh, no boys.” “Oh, dream of boys.” I remember action. Well, a lot of walking, though less walking than The Lord of the Rings, but you get my drift.

Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t really remember the story, though. The characters just weren’t strong. There’s a lot of stuff that happens to them. They don’t actually do a lot of stuff.

I think right now, my favorite character is the Eretria because she’s the only one who’s taking life by the go-nads and trying to do something.

Okay. Amberle ran the gantlet. Blind. Awesome.

And Wil took the stones–after a lot of whining which I don’t remember, so I’m thinking I must of skipped a lot when I read the books–and then killed a demon. But only after he was backed into a corner.

Meh. I don’t know. Mr. Dork loves it. I’m kind of really on the fence.

The Flash – Flashbacks of Fringe


I’ve always been a huge flan of the Flash. Well, I take that back. I read a few of the comics, but as a kid, it didn’t really do that much for me. Mostly because I had a hard time getting my hands on the comics. We grew up in small towns, so getting my hands on consecutive comics was tough. Really tough.

So, when I’m talking about my fan-girling moments, I’m talking about the CW TV show.

I love sci-fi shows and all the superhero ones. Right now, watching Flash go through the Earth 2 storyline, I’m getting flashbacks to Fringe, another show I just loved!

With alternate universes, there’s a lot of stuff that could happen, and I’m eager to see what does. I’m excited to see the Earth 2 characters. I’m hoping to get more Cisco because he’s my FAVORITE!

What I don’t want to see happen is the train wreck that brought down Fringe. Loved that show until Season 4 when things just got weird. And then we went into Season 5?

Now, the science was pretty decent. I’m not a physicist. I never claimed to be, but Hollywood didn’t step in and muck it up too much. When you mess with the timeline, you are going to make significant changes, and we got to see that on Fringe. That, admittedly, was one of the things that frustrated me the most and made me stand up and clap for the show.

I think what happened in Season 4 is that they frelled the timeline, and then drew everything out way too far. I grew impatient with it.

So, I’m hoping that the writers for the Flash don’t draw out the pain too long. The timeline is going to get frelled. It already kinda did with the tsunami, but that storyline was handled with aplomb. So, I have faith they’ll get it right here.

But, boy, am I having flashbacks of doom. LOL!

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