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Chronicles of Ri

Riley’s Second Base Talk

Originally posted 27-June-2009

Frankie: *sits down on edge of office chair* Okay. So, you want to tell me what you were talking about the other night? You, um, you and Rune have been doing…*shrug*…what again?

Riley: *perches on edge of bed and plays with scarf* We…*gets dreamy look* We kissed.

Frankie: Was there petting? Touching? Feeling? *mouth stuck in open position* Anything else?

Riley: *smile widens* Well, there was…touching. You, know, when you kiss, there’s normally touching. I know I don’t have to tell you that.

Frankie: *shaking head* Uh, no! Ri! What did I say when I introduced Rune to the story? What did I say?

Riley: Frankie, you’re not my mother, so just chill.

Frankie: No. I’m not going to just “chill”. I told you and Rune that there would be no touchy-touchy, no feely-feely, no kissy-kissy, no licky-licky.

Riley: Yeah, you said that. But guess what? You’re just some strange person who’s telling our story. You’re not real.

Frankie: I’M not real?

Riley: You’re not going to tell my mom, are you?

Frankie: *doing fish face*

Riley: Because that would be wickedly uncool and I won’t tell you anything anymore.

Frankie: You didn’t–*hands flailing*

Riley: *are-you-kidding-me expression* How dumb do you think I am? Look, *hops off bed* you think you’re this big adult and that you have all the say over my life. But guess what? You’re not my mom. You’re just some nut. I don’t care what you say. I’m going to do whatever I want whenever I want. If I decide to–

Frankie: No-no-no! *stands up* No! You are not–

Riley: *raises hands and storms out of room* I’m outta here. If you’re going to freak out every time I tell you that we kiss– *the door slams shut*

Frankie: *sigh* Well, that went well.


Kingdom Series Gets New Titles

I’ve decided to keep things simple.

The Key

The Keeper

The Dark Witch

The Veil

Now, I realize that not all of these titles are hugely interesting nor are they entirely captivating. Especially if you’re just sitting in front of the shelves scanning titles that are supposed to reach out and grab you.

But with all the titles out there…*shrug*…I’m thinking that simple might be better. I mean, most everyone is going to get that someone didn’t write a book about, like, a house key or something and they might be interested to pull the book down off the shelf to see what this crazy author really wrote about. Am I right? I certainly hope so.

Anyway, I’m trying to come up with great marketing platforms that will get the word out on this book and the following books so that when it’s sold and published (you guys might not be seeing this for a two to three years, but if you have ideas, PLEASE share them!) it sells and surpasses the expectations of all the editors and agents and…yeah. That would just be phenomenal.

Plus its a really great story and I’d really love to just get this out there for tons of people read and enjoy.

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