OMW! The Expanse! We only have time to watch one show together a night, Mr. Dork and I. Sometimes, I get home in time to catch one more.

This is the show I watch without him. It annoys him because the show is so good! Also, we’re writing a space opera together. Nothing like this. Well, kinda. But, no. Nothing really like this.

The Expanse made space operas real. Real people. Plausible storylines. I mean, I love me some space operas. I do! But this one is gritty. The writing is amazing. The graphics are great! The ACTING! OMW! Amazing!

There are parts that make me uncomfortable, but only because I’m like, “Dude, you’re about to get yourself in some serious trouble! Pull out! Pull out!”

I’ve still got four episodes on my DVR. Which sucks because I’m in the middle of edits of several books and we’re in the midst of moving in together. Joy of joys.

We might be catching up on this show until Kill Joys comes back. But that’s okay because it will be time I will utterly enjoy!