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November 2017

I Have a Partner

Okay. So. After doing an analysis of a few articles and books (so many books!) on how to find a balancing act, I know–I know that the best thing to do is to create a plan.

That was…last week? I’m checking the date. Yeah. Last week. I don’t have a plan yet, but I do have a partner.

My husband and I have determined that we need to get healthier. And not for the zombie appocalypse, though, there is still that, but because we’re both starting to feel old and we’re much too young for that. Early 40’s is too soon to start feeling old.

So! The challenge for both of us to come up with fun, healthy meals. The first one was a salad after our workout. That’s good! Except that our salads were about the size of Texas. However, it’s a step in the right direction.

I also have some Mealenders because, for some reason, as soon as I finish eating, I’m starving again. This darned body.

So…work out–when we can–and eat healthy–as a challenge. So far, that’s…our plan.

This is going to be…great.


My Workouts For the Week

Remember how I said I was going to work out starting on Monday?

Right. Well, Pronoun exploded on Monday and my work-out time was devoted to coming up with a plan to transition off of Pronoun because I was one of the many who utilized them to get around some of Amazon’s more whimsical, I’m-a-2-year-old-and-am-going-to-change-the-rules-and-penalize-you ways.

So…*sigh*…that took up most of Monday and Tuesday. There’s still more work to do because…Amazon is being Amazon. By the end of Tuesday, my hands were a cramped mess. My shoulders, back, neck, and arms were frelled. I couldn’t even make my fingers move. 

So, on Wednesday, I forced myself to go workout and I’m glad I did. I got muscles moving again and the plan is to go again today after the hubby wakes up. He didn’t get off work until 3:30am. So…I’ve still got a moment.

I’m a little crabby about the Pronoun and Amazon thing, but it’ll work out. Sales are still doing okay even through all of this. I’m still a small fish in a big pond, however, I was shown that I’m a bigger fish than I thought. So…yay and GAH! at the same time. Workout girl set.

Alright, about that workout.

I’m over 40 now. YAY and BOO! I’m glad I’ve survived to this point. There have been more than a few times when I didn’t think I’d make it. But my body is starting to let me know that I really should have made better decisions earlier on in life. You know, during those times when I was pushing it balls-to-the-wall and getting nowhere fast, but I wasn’t going to quit because…quitting is for quitters. *sigh* Yeah.

So…the best thing for women over 40 is plenty of cardio. Great.

I hate it.

The YMCA has a few machines to try so we don’t have to be stuck with the same thing over and over.

There’s the ellipticle. Looks awesome, but my heart rate LEAPS when I get on that thing! If I want to NOT die of a heart attack, I should build up to that thing.

There’s the tredmill. Kill me now, ohgodohgod. I hate the treadmill.

Then there’s the Skill Mill. It’s a treadmill, but in a canoe shape. It’s supposedly easier–less stomping–but really builds up the calves. Look. My calves look like a half a slab of beef as it is. From my knee to my feet, it’s nothing but calves. I don’t need to build that up. I need to get them pared down so that they’re not splitting my shins in half! I don’t care what they look like. My personality is sexy as hell, but they tear my shins up whenever I go for a walk, and that’s unacceptable. How in the HECK am I going to survive the zombie appocalypse if my calves are killing me in the first quarter mile?

So, I’m stuck with the bike. Well, not stuck with. The bike is fine and it doesn’t kill me. It kills my husband, so I doubt we’ll be able to do too many of those together. But I can get my heartrate up without dying the next day. My husband couldn’t get off the bike and walk down the stairs afterwards, though.

And then it’s circuit training. Here’s where the YMCA is a little wah-wah-wah. There are only so many machines and most of them deal with the upper body. I’ve gone four times now and I’m bored. Bored-bored-bored-bored. However, due to where we live, this is the best bang for the buck. We could go to the bigger rec center, but we’re we’d be spending over a hundred bucks per person per month. Yeah. I need to get over the boredom.

The trick is to move the shoulders and pecs without overworking them. Yeah, yeah. I need to tone to look nice, but I really need is just loosen up the muscles while getting healthy.

So, I do two sets of 10 reps at a really low weight when I’m working my shoulders, paying attention to my form so that I’m working the right muscles and not doing more damage to my shoulders–like I normally do. I’m not going to not workout my shoulders. I’ve had way too many friends (mostly authors) who refuse to workout their shoulders because they’ll just hurt themselves or make their hands worse. That’s…just as bad as over-doing it. Just be careful.

So far, I’m doing okay. I make sure not to push myself too hard, which… I look like a pansy. I know it. I’m supposed to be working out to get fit, but I don’t care. I don’t want to DIE, and I have HOURS and HOURS of work to do after I’m done working out. So…no. I’m not going to fall into the guilt-trip to workout harder.

The Y has quite a few classes. I seriously need to take one of those to alleviate the boredom.

Today? Cardio. *sigh* If I can talk myself into going. I have a few deadlines creaping up my toosh, so it could be easy to talk myself out of it. But! I’m not going to! I’m going to work out and feel amazing.

Wait. What about sex. That’s an exercise. Right? I mean…it is!


An Author’s Superpower

Long skinny banner

Originally posted as a guest post

Authors have a superpower that oftentimes gets overlooked. They write stories that touch the hearts and minds of people. They have the ability to shift a reader’s perception, a way of thinking, or the way they feel about a topic.

That might seem common-sense, and it is, but when you talk to authors about their stories, it’s amazing to see how many don’t realize the power they hold in their hands.

I was helping a fellow author edit her book the other day, and she was discussing a topic that was very important, but she feared it was controversial. So, instead of dealing with it, she pushed it under the rug and felt as though the character handled it poorly. It felt really immature to me.

So, I mentioned that to her, and she told me why she handled it this way. She didn’t want to upset people.

Okay. Great. Understood.

However, here’s the thing. As a reader, you’ve invited me into your mind, your heart, and your soul–if my writing is good enough to penetrate all those layers. I show you, through my characters, how you could handle a situation. I allow you, the reader, to experience things you’ve never lived through. I allow you, the reader, to take charge of your life, to say what you always wanted to, but felt powerless to do utter out loud. I allow you to fight back, to stand up, to take charge. I allow you to dole out the hard love.

And then, if I’m good enough, I empower you, the reader, to do that.

That’s a pretty incredible super power, if you ask me.

The big crisis in Whiskey Witches is something that we all see happening, but no one really talks about, and that’s custody battles. The “losing parent” is always seen as a bad guy, and if the mother loses her kid, she…did something unspeakably horrible.

But what isn’t talked about is all the horrible, emotional, brutally horrific things that happen outside the courtroom. The winner isn’t always the “good guy.” Sometimes–a lot of times–they’re just the bigger bully. And the loser is shamed into silence. When we don’t talk about an issue, we empower the other side.

Now, some parents lose their kids for very valid reasons. They do. They are the reason there are custody battles in the Courts of Law in the first place. But…not all do deserve that, and none of them talk about it, and it hurts like hell. These parents often lose visitation rights–though they could push it through the courts, it harder on the kids and then the kids don’t want to see the other parent, so it’s a lose-lose situation. They lose phone call privileges, hugs, kisses, I love yous, calls on your birthday, the ability to talk to them on their birthday. They lose holidays–or are bullied into “having the holiday that’s easier to deal with” because that’s always a great idea.

We authors have the superpower to discuss hard-line topics like this in a safe place. Fiction. The setting is fake. The characters are fake.

But the lessons are real. There’s real power in a book. Even a fiction one.

The Workout Plan

I’ve been SUCKING at the work-out plan since I’ve started this full-time writing gig. And I gotta say? I hurt! Since I started, I’ve written 92k in words that count, and about that in blogs and website content in an attempt to drum up business. I’ve also edited 571,105 words. Yeah. That’s no joke. And if you’ve recieved an edit from me, there were a lot of written words and notes in there as well.

My shoulders, back, arms, and hands are in constant pain and I’m not going to the massage therapist every week. I can’t afford that.

So…I need to work out.

have the videos, but when when I saw I’m going to work out here, I get talked out of it. That’s me talking myself out of it. Sometimes, I even get the DVD plugged in and the TV turned on and then I’m like, “Nope. I have to hit __ deadline.” I then turn it all off and get back to work.

I’m super awesome.

So, I’ve got a schedule now. I’m going to the YMCA down the road. This could be an issue when it’s snowy like today, but I have snow tires, a truck, and 4WD. There’s no excuses unless it’s a blizzard. I start it…on Monday. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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