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January 2017

What’s in a Name Week 2

OWM! I’m such a slacker! Here’s my Week 2 update…a week late.Rose stared out the window and sighed. The smell of the salt-sea air was refreshing, the light of the sun dancing upon the lapping waves relaxing.

She loved to vacation here. For the last three years, they’d come to the same place for two weeks.

And every year, she dreamed of meeting someone who would dazzle her with poetry and sweep her off her feet. She wanted to meet someone who saw the same amazingness in the world around her as she did, who could see the dazzling wonder of a grain of sand, or the brilliant struggle of the newly hatched sea turtles clambering out to sea.

One day. One day.

Would it be today?


What’s In a Name Sample 1

I may only get one sample in for this week’s challenge because, frankly, things got away from me. Though, if you got to see the list, you’d see why and how, but…anywho’s! I’m excited to participate in this challenge as I think it’s a really neat one!

The smell of warm apples ripening on the trees in the heat of the highnoon, Northern Californian sun calmed Sarah to the ends of her toes. It didn’t matter what happened in the real world. As soon as she came back here to her parents’ place, everything was right with her world. She was grounded just walking through the lines and lines of apple trees. How many years had she and her brother spent running through here?

A lot.

Why had she decided to leave?

For money and independence.

And what had that indepence gotten her?

A one-bedroom apartment that cost twice as much as it was worth, a cat who owned her, and an empty fridge.

She should think about returning home. The jobs might be fewer here, but…it just felt better here. She felt like a better person here.

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