I’ve always been a huge flan of the Flash. Well, I take that back. I read a few of the comics, but as a kid, it didn’t really do that much for me. Mostly because I had a hard time getting my hands on the comics. We grew up in small towns, so getting my hands on consecutive comics was tough. Really tough.

So, when I’m talking about my fan-girling moments, I’m talking about the CW TV show.

I love sci-fi shows and all the superhero ones. Right now, watching Flash go through the Earth 2 storyline, I’m getting flashbacks to Fringe, another show I just loved!

With alternate universes, there’s a lot of stuff that could happen, and I’m eager to see what does. I’m excited to see the Earth 2 characters. I’m hoping to get more Cisco because he’s my FAVORITE!

What I don’t want to see happen is the train wreck that brought down Fringe. Loved that show until Season 4 when things just got weird. And then we went into Season 5?

Now, the science was pretty decent. I’m not a physicist. I never claimed to be, but Hollywood didn’t step in and muck it up too much. When you mess with the timeline, you are going to make significant changes, and we got to see that on Fringe. That, admittedly, was one of the things that frustrated me the most and made me stand up and clap for the show.

I think what happened in Season 4 is that they frelled the timeline, and then drew everything out way too far. I grew impatient with it.

So, I’m hoping that the writers for the Flash don’t draw out the pain too long. The timeline is going to get frelled. It already kinda did with the tsunami, but that storyline was handled with aplomb. So, I have faith they’ll get it right here.

But, boy, am I having flashbacks of doom. LOL!