I vaguely remember reading this series as a kid. Hey, don’t slay me. That was almost thirty years ago. I remember being entertained, but it didn’t take away my breath like the Belgariad, by David Eddings. THAT one…yeah. Amazing!

Mr. Dork and I saw this one come on after Teen Wolf, and thought, “Wow! We should try this out.”

Mr. Dork is still pleasantly entertained, to the point where he’ll ask if there’s a new episode. We watch, maybe, one TV episode a night/day. We’re pretty busy. But, anyways.

I’m a bit disappointed in the characters.

I don’t recall that all the elves were so frelling fragile.

Also, I don’t remember all the females being so…female. “Oh, boys.” “Oh, no boys.” “Oh, dream of boys.” I remember action. Well, a lot of walking, though less walking than The Lord of the Rings, but you get my drift.

Maybe that’s the reason I didn’t really remember the story, though. The characters just weren’t strong. There’s a lot of stuff that happens to them. They don’t actually do a lot of stuff.

I think right now, my favorite character is the Eretria because she’s the only one who’s taking life by the go-nads and trying to do something.

Okay. Amberle ran the gantlet. Blind. Awesome.

And Wil took the stones–after a lot of whining which I don’t remember, so I’m thinking I must of skipped a lot when I read the books–and then killed a demon. But only after he was backed into a corner.

Meh. I don’t know. Mr. Dork loves it. I’m kind of really on the fence.