Things 1 & 2 have a TV in their room.

I’m opposed to this. I don’t think they should have a TV in their room. When they’re in there, they should be doing their thing, and if they get bored, they’ll figure out how to entertain themselves. Their form of entertainment is usually the complete annihilation of the other sister, but…whatever. I’m the Wicked Stepmother. I can allow them to kill the other off. We’re fine.

So, most times, the TV remains unplugged.

Remember? Wicked Stepmother, here.

However, there are times when the yelling and the screaming and the apartment-wrecking madness is too much and I need a little quiet time. Not quiet I’m-going-to-entertain-you time. Frell that. No. The Wicked Stepmother needs time to work at home. After work. And between dishes and all the other stuff that Mr. Dork is helping on, but needs help with the helping. Whatever. No. I’m not going to do arts and crafts with them and read to them ALL THE TIME.

So….occasionally…I allow the TV to babysit.

We don’t have a yard. We have a parking lot and a street. A very busy street. So, glare elsewhere, perfect moms. When we grow up and get a Big Kid House–that no one can frelling afford right now–then I’ll throw them outside to play….out there.

However, Thing 1 has taken such a liking to How the Universe Works, which is one of Mr. Dork’s and my favorite shows–because it’s amazing!–that she now wants to be an astrophysicist. AND she’s doing her 1st grade science fair project on quasars because How the Universe Works made the concept of quasars easy to understand and FUN!

So, just a note to all the busy moms out there, all the busy dads out there, and all the busy half-moms and half-dads out there: if you need a spare 45 minutes, How the Universe Works is the way to go!