I was late to the scene for the walking dead. I binge-watched three seasons in one week. I was hooked. Addicted. I was a part of the Walking Dead watch parties–and by “a part” of them, I mean I joined via Facebook as I watched it Sunday night from my own home.

However, the last two seasons, watching them one episode every week, was a drag. And then, the last season, with as long and drawn out as it was–after over a month, we still hadn’t made it past one day, and then it took FOREVER to find out of Glen even LIVED?! I was done.

I have it recorded on my DVR. I’ve read the posts of what happened. *shrug* I love Michonne. I’m glad they’re following the comics, kind of, sort of. But I don’t REALLY care because I never actually read the comics.

But, with as busy as I am, I don’t think this is one show I’ll return to. I just don’t have time to watch it. I mean, I have to fight for my TV time, so it had better be good, you know?

So, yeah. I’m letting The Walking Dead go. Sorry, guys. I still have my apocalypse bug-out bag. I still have my zombie apocalypse plan. And I’m still looking forward to some zombie killing time–for as long as I can remain among the living, but I’m done with the show. It was good while it lasted.