I’ve been SUCKING at the work-out plan since I’ve started this full-time writing gig. And I gotta say? I hurt! Since I started, I’ve written 92k in words that count, and about that in blogs and website content in an attempt to drum up business. I’ve also edited 571,105 words. Yeah. That’s no joke. And if you’ve recieved an edit from me, there were a lot of written words and notes in there as well.

My shoulders, back, arms, and hands are in constant pain and I’m not going to the massage therapist every week. I can’t afford that.

So…I need to work out.

have the videos, but when when I saw I’m going to work out here, I get talked out of it. That’s me talking myself out of it. Sometimes, I even get the DVD plugged in and the TV turned on and then I’m like, “Nope. I have to hit __ deadline.” I then turn it all off and get back to work.

I’m super awesome.

So, I’ve got a schedule now. I’m going to the YMCA down the road. This could be an issue when it’s snowy like today, but I have snow tires, a truck, and 4WD. There’s no excuses unless it’s a blizzard. I start it…on Monday. I’ll let you know how it goes!