FB Ad 10The Whiskey-verse has blown up! There are so many stories and so much going on that I’ve opened up two more series and accepted the help of two other authors.

The first one is the Shadow Sisterhood, the paranormal romance. I started this one because I wanted to write a different people and different mythos in every single book. The paranormal world is just so immense that I couldn’t contain them in Whiskey Witches.

Shadow Sisterhood Logo 1c

Now, there are some people who are concerned that the writing quality will slag, but I really think that Alivia’s assistance has brought a heightened, emotional quality to the stories. I can create worlds and fabulous characters but, guys, I really suck at the romance part. Alivia still has a warm, squishy, lovey heart and that, along with some kick-ass writing abilities, is what she brings to the table.

I think you’re gonna love it! Stay tuned and keep your eye on WhiskeyWitches.com! That’s the site that’s getting updated the quickest.