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Emma’s hands shook. The toys were staring at her. She felt their eyes on the back of her neck. Their eyes felt like spiders crawling up her skin. Momma didn’t understand. She was trying to help Emma overcome her fear of toys, but…

Emma shushed the sob that threatened to come out. Big girls didn’t cry. That’s what Momma said. But…the toys…they were right behind her. Tables and tables of them. All in rows. The loud talking of everyone exclaiming over them didn’t help. It made it worse! The walls closed in on her her, tightening around her chest like a doll trying to kill her.

She stumbled and caught herself on the glass.

Cold glass. The chill ran up her arm and through her shoulders. It pushed away the choke hold like magic. She pressed her forehead against the window. A big city. Lots of big buildings. She breathed in the chill from the window and tried to calm herself. Momma wasn’t helping to make this better. Not at all. She was making it worse. She was going to bring some of those toys home with them. They would be in the car, in their house.

They’d be in Emma’s room.

She needed to find a way out of there. And fast. Before the toys tried to kill her again.

And succeeded this time.

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