We’re continuing the POV Writing Challenge for another two weeks.




Week 2 showed us how to write in deep POV, using the character’s senses as they use them without barrier words.

This week, we’re going to apply those same lessons to deep 3rd person POV. Deep 3rd person POV shares many, many similarities to 1st person POV, except there’s a single layer of separation shown in the pronoun. “She and he” are used instead of “I” and the reader assumes he or she is not the character–unless they choose to slip into the deep-seated POV the author provides.

In 1st person POV, the reader has no choice. They are that character. The end. Have a lovely day.

In deep 3rd, the reader has a choice. They can remain themselves reading a deeply immersive book. Or they can become the character and live the story through that character’s shoes–or eyes.



Photo owned and copyrighted by Katie Johnson. Photo credit: https://katierenejohnson.com/

Sometime in the next week–so before Sunday–write (2) flash fiction scenes (less than 550 words – Katie, it’s getting shorter!). Describe the picture above using deep 3rd person POV and one of the following people in each post without telling us which one your chose by using any of the descriptor words provided:

  1. A ghost hunter scared of ghosts
  2. A geologist whose senses are mixed up (suffers from Synesthesia)
  3. A kid who is afraid of toys
  4. A clumbsy living doll who creates earthquakes when she falls
  5. A dead mouse that haunts the living who loves cheese instead of brains
  6. A living skeleton who is a boneeater

The girls helped me with this one. LOL!

Send me the links to your blogs either in the comments or via FB so I can put the links up here. Then, as we all complete our flash fiction pieces, go to each blog and comment, answering the following questions.

  1. Which character did you choose?
  2. Was the POV deep and immersive?
  3. What did the Voice tell you that wasn’t directly provided in the story?

Good luck!

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