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Some days were harder than others, which didn’t say a whole lot. Most days were a challenge. I watched the old man shuffle down the paved walkway. He shuffled past the loving foster home I’d just removed my client from. Just looking at this place. I’d been able to get here, in a good neighborhood, in a good school, in a good home with people who actually cared about her.

I’d still failed. Mary had still ended up with her alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend, whom she’d sworn to the judge was no longer in the picture.

As if I believed that. I didn’t, and I was pretty sure the judge didn’t either.

But the law was the law.

Though, how my other client had lost her kids today was beyond me as well. She…Fuck. She worked. She had a good job. She paid her bills–not always on time. She juggled everything life threw at her. Maybe she got a little too excited sometimes. Maybe she didn’t handle everything with extreme maturity yet. She was a young mother. Maturity would come.

But as soon as her parents had shoved their way into the picture, she’d lost ground and a lot of it. The grandparents had temporary custody–for no damned good reason while an alcholic had succeeded in ripping her daughter out of a safe, secure environment.

What the hell was I doing? I didn’t even know anymore.

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