Here’s my first challenge post. 1st person is kinda easy for me because of Devices of War. I got over any issues I had with this POV in that series, so this was a little fun!




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I’m not going to hide it it. I realize I should. I realize I should be more grateful to have those thundering apes in my life, but I’ve HAD it! I’m at my wit’s end!

The first thing they did was attack the neighbor with a ball. Now, I’m not saying they did it on purpose. He’s an older man, always walks down the street at the same time every day in his trench coat, whether it’s hot as blazes or not. But it’s the way they handled it. They didn’t say, “Excuse me,” or “Sorry, Mr. Henderson,” or anything. They just whacked him in the head with the ball and then ran into traffic to retrieve the fucking ball! 

But, lucky me, they didn’t get run over and Mr. Henderson was able to toddle off on the rest of his walk, though, I gotta say. He wasn’t walking so straight afteward. I probably should have offered to take him to the doctor.

Then, after they nearly murdered our neighbor, they destroyed my indoor garden! With that same fucking ball!

I don’t know what I want to kill more. Them or that damned ball.

But it didn’t end there. Oh, no. It didn’t end there. They then decided to DESTROY THE FUCKING TV. The TV. The…T….V… Their best fucking friend in the entire fucking universerse.

And THEN they got mad at ME for getting mad at THEM for using that bomb of a ball and destroying it.

And then–because that’s not enough, God, no–when I blew my fucking lid, kept from touching them–because God forbid I do that–and grounded them for life, they decided to be mad…at me! 

Because I made them apologize to Mr. Henderson, clean up my fucking garden and replant everything, and we’re not getting another TV until they’ve earned the money to buy it.


Why did I ever have kids?


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