I did great! Until the weekend hit.


2,739       Wrote on the bus
2,378       Wrote on the bus
2,311        Wrote on the bus
2,061       Wrote on the bus
 0              Sat down to write and discovered the co-author changed the pace, so what I was                  going to write would have had to be re-written. So, opted not to write it.
1,084      Tried to write…but had to re-read what co-author re-wrote
                Need to re-re-read what co-author re-re-wrote…but need a day off. So I’m                           working on classes instead.

One of the things I need to do is TAKE DAYS OFF. Yes. I need to write because I want to be a full-time author, but even my full-time job lets me have three days off a week. So…I need to re-re-think things.

Also, I might be frustrated. I am a write-through-THEN-revise writer, but I find I’m spending my writing time re-re-reading my co-author projects. So instead of needing/carving out one hour to write, I now need three. I barely carved out one. So…I’m going to have to do co-author books…next month? After Christmas? On the weekends? I don’t know. How do you revise-as-you-go authors write a book when you re-read it everytime you touch it? Like…I don’t GET it!