Well, okay. Meh. This week wasn’t great word-wise. It started out good, and then I got the weekend. I had said that I could get 2k done each workday and then 5k done on each weekend day. I have 3-day weekends.

That…didn’t work out so great.

1,996      Morning bus ride
2,008      Morning bus ride
               Worked at the HUB, as in…right down the road.
812       Morning bus ride…getting back into the grove
869       My Friday mornings are super busy and I need to take that into consideration. And then, the                     afternoon? Freck the afternoon. Ugh.
0           The only thing I can say for this day is that, well, all my Christmas stuff is done. We’re kinda                     poor this Christmas–like, really kinda–so, there wasn’t much to wrap, but we’re DONE.
5,435    I did dictation today! And…it’s weird still. The good news, my hands feel good. The bad news is               that this draft SUCKS! OMW.

First of all, I worked at the HUB on Wednesday. Now, you might think that would work out better for me because my drive to work is considerably shorter. Shorter to work. I could wake up at the same time and write for just as long and then go to work refreshed.

Nope. I opted to SLEEP in instead. And writing when I got home? Nope. It was kind of a brain-drain day and writing did NOT happen.

So, the next day on the bus, it took me longer to find my flow. Taking a day off sucks the next day, too! WTF? I really should have written on the busride down, but chose to crochet instead. I don’t remember why. I think I said, “Self, you’ll just make it up tomorrow. Just write 6K tomorrow instead of 5K. You can do it. You’re awesome.”

However, I got up when my alarm went off on Friday. Wrote 869 words in 20 minutes. That was a struggling 20 minutes. Then, I went about my errands–which then took the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. Then, I worked on an ad package well into the evening–well, into the morning, actually.

And slept in on Saturday–probably because I’d stayed up into the wee hours of the morning. And…did no writing. I did more ad graphics, which turned out really nice. And I worked on two websites. I just had NO writing in me. And we wrapped gifts. Yeah.

And then, today, I wrote. Well, I played around with websites first. I got up with the alarm, got my coffee, and then played around with those two websites and a new program that I’m test-driving and probably won’t invest in only because I need money for that. Ho-hum.

But! I did get over 5K done today–while dictating. All day. Well, for three hours which took all day. I don’t know how that works out, but it does, and this draft? Sucks! So…yeah. That’s my update.