So, in Lifelong Writing Habit, by Chris Fox, Chris talks about writing 2,000 words every day. Since deciding that this was actually going to be my plan, I’ve succeeded! Now, granted it’s only day five! But here are my word counts since I started the plan:


1,986 – A Dragon’s Breath
2,570 – A Dragon’s Breath


2,078 – A Dragon’s Breath
2,177 – Medicine Crow
 4,209 – A Dragon’s Breath & Mind Raider

I’m going to make this happen! I’m GOING to!

I went back to the basics a little. Instead of just sitting down to write, I set myself up on word sprints. Each of these sessions were only 40-60 minutes long. I discovered I can get 1200+ words in 20 minutes. And that’s without dictating, which is something I’m going to have to get better at.

I turned off FB. Twitter hasn’t been an issue in years. I turned off my phone so people couldn’t text me or message me–unless there’s an emergency. Certain emergency people can get through, but the phone is turned off. I’ve got my rain storm playing along with

This is going well!