Since I posted? A while ago, apparently. Whispers of the Skyborne

Well, a lot’s happened. I re-launched the first two books of Devices of War, and now I’m working madly on Whiskey Witches! So, while it may not seem as though much is going on here, it’s VERY busy on my end.

So, if you missed it, Whispers of the Skyborne is LIVE!

Feel free to grab your copy at Amazon, B&N, and anywhere else you buy ebooks. The reviews are coming in and they are good! People love it! So, yay!!

So, what’s the scoop on Whiskey Witches?

1.2 Whiskey WitchesWell, a lot. Whiskey Witches Season 1 is getting a slight overhaul. It will be re-released in a couple of weeks.

Blood Moon Magick is in edits right now. It will be launched May 30, it looks like.

Barrell of Whiskey will follow July 11.

Also, Witches of the West is on schedule to release sometime in October!

So, yes. A lot.

It’s very, very busy in the Frankie cave right now, so stay tuned!