If you’re an author and don’t know who Susan Kaye Quinn is, you need to. She’s doing this thing where she’s posting some parts of the third edition of her Author’s Survival Guide.

I’m taking a hard look at my author career this year. I need to make this happen. I need to be able to write full-time, and help other authors out full-time. Right now, I have too many full-time jobs and not enough time to live. My passion is writing and the publishing world. I need to make this a reality.

Today’s post is about the mission statement. Go read Susan’s post, then come back and read my mission statement–if you want–then create your own. I’m also putting it on a piece of paper and posting it to my wall to remind myself WHY I’m putting myself through the torment.

My Mission Statement: 

To use my unique perspective, curiosity, and appreciation for knowledge to create stories that compel people to DO, not just write stories that entertain.

To discover ways to hone my craft through careful study, new classes, discussions with other authors, and to cease my wild mood-swing-induced decision making process.

To find a way to give back to the writing community to ensure other authors are able to tell their stories as well.

To do this full-time. This is my passion. This is my life’s blood. Write. Write like my fingers are on fire. Empower myself and those around me. And take the time to provide good, quality work.