When the Frankie human brought Tesla home, she’d given him free reign of the house. Of course, as he became more agile, certain areas became off limits. The working table. The eating table. The junk table. The yarn table. The plants.

Frankie-human liked to bring out toys only she could play with. Her clicky box with the glowing screen. The red mouse she moved around. Glasses of water that needed to be thrown on the floor.

And yarn.

Tesla was obsessed with the stuff. It came in so many different colors and it moved. When Frankie-human got it out, it moved all the time. It wasn’t like the other toys she would get out and play with for a few minutes, laugh to herself as if saying she’d done a great deed in playing for three minutes, and then leave. No. She would play with the yarn for hours.

The only thing, Frankie-human didn’t appreciate it when he would play with her. He’d try to attack the flashing hook. He’d try to snag the yarn itself. Sometimes, he would wrap up in the yarn with her, trying to help her created whatever she was making at the time.

Only, then there’s a lot of yelling.

So, note to self: practice yarning when Frankie-human is at work.