Tesla soon learned his human’s name was Frankie. He learned that because it was the one thing the two smaller humans repeated. A lot.

He discovered a lot of other things, too. Like, not to dig his claws into his human’s face. They were very fragile.

Canned cat food came out after he pooped in the toilet.

Tables were the best place to play, but always got him into trouble.

He learned other things, too. Like how to open doors when the man human tried to keep him out of the sleeping room. He only did that when he wanted to lick the Frankie human, and Tesla was pretty sure the Frankie human didn’t like it. She screamed. A lot.


Tesla had to protect his Frankie human from the man human.

Man human went by several names, but the one he went by most often was Dork.

However, the more Tesla tried to get between his Frankie human and the Dork, the more mad Frankie became. At Tesla.

At the same time, the Dork tried to be nicer. He would let Tesla lick his face in the middle of the night, and shove his neck under the Dork’s nose for warmth. They showered together. They peed in the toilet together.

Tesla figured out that the Dork wasn’t necessarily the enemy. Though he still didn’t understand why the Dork continued to close the sleeping room door and made Frankie scream. It didn’t make a lot of sense.

One day, the Dork brought in several boxes of stuff that smelled like the Dork. For whatever reason, the Frankie human turned hostile, and, not for the first time, Tesla was thankful the Frankie human didn’t have claws.

The flip switch that made the lights come off was a particular issue.

With either of the two smaller humans or the Dork forgot to turn off a light, Frankie would pull her head back and yell very loudly in Human, a harsh sounding language that doesn’t make a lot of sense. They invested a lot of effort into make lots of sounds, but they never really said much.

Except, when Frankie yelled, the human words came out, but her face and body yelled as well, to the point where even Tesla understood what she said.

Turn off the light.

One day, Frankie left, leaving the Dork and the two little humans at the home. Tesla didn’t like it when Frankie disappeared from the house. He enjoyed spending time on the couch while she worked on the weird box that her fingers made click-tap-click-tapping sounds on with the glowing screen.

But when the Dork stayed at home with the two smaller humans, the TV came on and Tesla tended to be very bored.

That day, was no different, except that the two smaller humans seemed to need to be in every room and every light was on.

Tesla had been practicing his jumps. He could attack the cooking cloth Frankie human wore when she made the kitchen smell weird. He could grab onto the coat the Dork wore when it was cold outside.

And he could leap up, hook the light switch with his claw and pull it down as he fell back to the floor.

Tesla had been turning off the lights for them for several minutes. Well, it could have been longer. Frankie human had tried to teach him time, but it wasn’t like using the toilet like a human. The only thing he could make out was the colors and the lines, not what they meant.

The three humans could not figure out how to leave a room and turn the light off behind them.

So, Tesla went to the Dork and pawed at his leg several times.

The Dork didn’t look up from his phone, the TV playing in the background.

Tesla tried again, using his claws this time.

The Dork something in Human, his tone saying he was mad.

But at least he was looking.

Telsa ran to the back door, staring up at the light switch.

The Dork sighed and got out of the chair, saying something about “Frankie.”

With his chance in hand, Telsa leapt up, hooked the flipping switch with his claw, and brought it down as he fell.

The Dork stopped in the middle of the sitting room, then barked with laughter. He called the two smaller humans and turned the light back on, gesturing for Tesla to do it again.

Tesla glared at them, but decided it would be best to show the humans how easy it was to turn off the light.

He spent several minutes while the three humans turned the light on so he could turn it off again.

But after that, the Frankie human yelled a lot less.

Because the other humans remembered how to use gravity to help turn the lights off.