So, I’ve been taking a couple of classes on promotion and they’ve all touched on Twitter. It’s a very powerful platform that can really be boost for you. For me, it’s a bit overwhelming because there’s just so much that goes on there.

However, Facebook, for all that’s it’s more my speed and I can type more in a post, doesn’t get me any buy-clicks.

Twitter, for whatever reason, does.

Verbing on twitter is the next big thing. It’s not really the “next big thing.” It’s been around for a while. It’s that magickal thing that some people just inherently know how to do and others–like me–don’t.

So, what is verbing?

It makes your statement an action.

Dream Killers sweeps you away to a magickal world you won’t want to leave, but will fear to stay.

It’s like writing in active vs passive voice. It’s instantly engaging. Then you leave a shortened url. 

Don’t know how to shorten a URL? Go to Google, type “shorten URL”, and you’re set.

The next thing to remember about Twitter is hashtags. Hashtags are important. 

For instance, Dream Killers is a fairytale adventure. So, what’s hot right now in fairytale retellings? Once Upon a Time, the TV show here in the U.S. So, I’ll add the hashtag #OnceUponATime to my tweet, and when people are searching for the latest news on the TV show, my tweets will pop up. They’ll see there’s something else out there that’s kind of similar and might click the link to read more.

That happens more on Twitter than it does on Facebook. I don’t know why. But it does. So, here’s my Tweet, and already it’s been retweeted a couple of times. I haven’t even hit print on the post yet. *shrug* Twitter