I wrote not one, but two unique series. Each one gets picked up by several people, but the number of readers who actually complete the books and then review are few. It’s actually pretty common for me to get a message that reads, “I really wanted to like this, and it’s beautifully written, but it’s just too unique.”


It’s not rare to find an author who is unique anymore. The market is flooded with ideas that are no longer being squelched  by the marketing machines who truly understand the market. There are a lot more fresh voices and ideas out there now than there was a decade ago.

Personally, as a reader, I LOVE that! I don’t see the point in shelling out $5-20 for a book that I’ve read before. Especially not when I previously invested that money the week prior on the same book, just a different name, different author, and different character names.

Understand I’m over-simplifying. I know that. I’m doing so to make a point, knowing full well that each story is truly different. Romances all have the same purpose and can sometimes feel like the same book, but they really are different. Same thing goes with paranormal/urban fantasy. They might have similar main characters, similar settings, similar plot elements, but they’re all different. 


I, however, want something TOTALLY different on a regular basis. So, that’s what I wrote.

Funny thing, though. Those marketing machines that squelched new ideas and fresh approaches and stories understood one thing very well. The ravaging reader, that mass of people who ingest books like a drug addict, enjoy reading things that fall within their niche.

Each marketing book I pick up starts with, “Know your reader.” That means, find your genre, that box that has already been set up for you, and get to know what those readers want. And, people, it works. It works. But what happens when you write something that sits next to that box, but doesn’t quite fit in it?

In future posts, I’m going to explore marketing trends and how they work. I’m also going to explore how to make truly creative, unique and new ideas more appealing without having to repeat repetitiously–which drives me NUTS! And we’ll figure out how to create your niche…without losing your resolve or drive.

Because…oi. That’s tough.