I just wanted to let you know that if you follow the rules I posted on here, you will get a GOOD synopsis! If you apply yourself a little, you will get a GREAT synopsis! Nearly all of the synopses have come in and, let me tell you, this has been the EASIEST synopsis workshop I’ve ever put on. We had almost 50% of the synopses pass on the first try and the ones that failed were very close and just needed to throw out an added plot line or trim down their characters.There are a few things I need to add to the original posts.

Keep Your Characters to a Minimum!

This is tough! When I originally came up with my CP’s and my PP’s and the TA’s that went in between them, I had a lot of characters. I had a lot of names to keep straight. You can have a few characters as long as they’re doing something. However, there should only be roughly 3-4 named characters to keep straight. You’ve got to remember that a lot of stuff happens in 1,000 words or less. If you have a lot of characters in there as well, the story is confusing.

Plus, each character comes with their own subplot. We had one gal in there who had a character who’s subplot made the end of her synopsis rather confusing. If you boiled it down and really read, the story was interesting and the character’s subplot added some intrigue.

But it was hard to understand because there just wasn’t enough space to properly tell the story.

Format Your Synopsis Properly

Chances are, as the times progress, you’ll be emailing your synopsis in the original email query; query letter, the first ____ pages or chapters, and your synopsis.

However, when they ask for a partial, they generally ask for you to attach it in a Word file. That’s when you’ll either look like a moron or like someone who’s done their homework. You want to be one who isn’t the moron.

On the second page, you’ll also want a header so that just in case your potential agent/editor prints your synopsis and the pages get jumbled, she can put page two to page one without having to re-print. It’s simple and easy and should read like this:

Last name (pen name)/Book Title/page #

All right, guys! That’s it! Trust me! Read the instructions, follow them, and you WILL have a GREAT synopsis that’s painless! Painless!