Last week, I shared with you one of the biggest DON’T’s to do for author platform building. Today, I’m going to share with you the greatest thing you CAN and SHOULD do!

Team up with other authors with similar books!

You’ve all got different followers and your readers want to read works that are similar to what you write while they’re impatiently waiting for you to fill the void your book left behind. You know that feeling as a fellow reader. The Good Book Hangover.

I’ve tried this a couple different times. Previously, it didn’t pan out so much. All the authors got together in a Facebook group and we talked AT one another, trying to promote our book while ignoring everyone else. Guys! Promoting takes a lot of hard work! The thought of promoting OTHER people’s books ON TOP of promoting your own?! The only thing going through your head is, “I need more hours in the day! When am I going to WRITE?!”


I finally discovered a group that was successful and it was successful because we all took a fairly genuine interest in each other’s books. Now, I won’t say we all had time to read each other’s books, but we enjoyed spreading the news about them and helping each other out. If you want to see what we did, go to Steampunk with Heart on Facebook.

There are a few key things to hit the Success Key.

  1. Don’t be an attention whore.
  2. If you post something about your books, post something about someone else’s as well.
  3. Post more about others, really, and the readers will be DRAWN to you. That really does work, guys. It really does. Be selfless and kind. It’s karma. It really is.
  4. Don’t keep looking at your sales stats. That will drag you back up to Don’t #1.
  5. Be genuine and for one week concentrate on helping the authors on either side of you instead of yourself, and in return, they’ll pay the favor back.
  6. WHEN, not if, the attention whore in your group raises his/her head, support him, but don’t invest too much time in it. He/she won’t return the favor.

Keep your events to one week! Its a long week, but with so many people helping out, it shouldn’t be too exhaustive. You can host Facebook parties, Twitter parties, giveaways, a blog tour, all kinds of stuff, but keep it to one week.

So, with all that said, this is a GREAT approach! It gained excellent results and here are a few authors you should check out! They’re fabulous ladies and gentlemen who teamed together to promote our steampunk themed books!