Originally published 24-Sep-2009

Writing is a balancing act. It can’t conflict with work. It can’t conflict with family/friends. It can’t cut into your eating/sleeping/work out schedule. It gets crammed in whenever and where ever it will fit.

Writers are interesting people. We tend to be a bit…um, flaky? Forgetful? Adorable, let’s not forget that one. Those are the good qualities.

But we’re also obsessive, obsessive compulsive, and it appears as though we have ADD.

The one thing we tend to obsess over more than anything else is research. O…M…G (as Riley would say). Everything has to be perfect. We have to have all the information. I’m not even going to go into how we then put ALL of that research into our books, overwhelming the reader. I’m just going to state that it’s really easy for us to obsess over it and overwhelm ourselves.

And that’s kinda where I’m at now with Demon’s Pawn (Whiskey Witches #1).

I mean–okay. I’ve attempted to keep myself free from obsession. I allowed myself two weeks to read one book that was incredibly helpful. (I know. Slow reader. Just lots and lots of things to do. And, honestly, there was more than just the one book. There were several, and many websites, and….) And I was hard on myself. I set a deadline and I stuck to it.

I took copious notes.

I started a brief outline.

I started writing.

I started serious brainstorming.

I started the full-on, serious outline.

And then…*dun-dun-duuuuuun* I got stuck on one tiny detail that didn’t come up in my research. And this isn’t just something that I can breeze over and be done with. I need to know this before I get started or the revise is going to S.U.C.K. Seriously.

So I told myself I had one day. One day – mind you, this is while trying to balance work,

family freakin‘ drama, friends (poor Dre), writing, the workshop, dating (I’m dating again. GADS! This is HARD!), writing, workouts, eating, sleeping, and TV.

I’ve been ignoring my poor TV. He’s lonely without me.

Did I get ALL the information I needed? No.

Did I get all the best possible information I could have gotten? No.

Will I get stuck like this again? Uh, probably, yes.

Would I be able to stay clear of being stuck by doing more, thorough research? Uh, probably


But I have enough to get me going.

It’s very important to find your balance.