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Understand that these are just my notes. I haven’t used them all. If you do use them and want to share with the class what your experience was, please feel free to do so!

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Anastasia Creatives – I’m using her for the rest of my books! Awesome!

Blog Tours:

Pump Up Your Book – I’m using Dorothy for Hands and it’s going GREAT!

CLP Blog Tours – Denise Grover Swank uses her on a continuous basis!

Bewitching Book Tours – I used her for Dustman and it was a success!

ParaJunkee – She’s a SWEETIE!!

Book Blasts & Blog Tours – Book must be “family friendly”

TLC Book Tours – Does not tour Self-pubbed books

Goddess Fish Promotions – These gals are great to work with!

  Novel Publicity – Pretty pricey, but boy, let me tell you! It’s tough to get in as a tour host!

Other Promotions:

  YA Promo

Addicted to eBooks – Must have 5 reviews or more

 – You need at least (5) 4-star reviews

 – You need at least (5) 4-star reviews

 – Costs $5 for a guaranteed slot

 – Submit on the DAY your book is free

 – Costs $5 for a guaranteed slot

 – Need (10) 4-star reviews

 – Costs $10 for one day

 – All kinds of stuff here!

Don’t forget to submit it to us here at The Author Marketing Club too! Click here.


Remember, this is a LOT of hard work! It’s worth the money, but, wow! Ouch! Plan ahead! You do NOT want to be embarrassed! You want your words to SHINE!!!

My current editor is not accepting any other authors. I will let you know if I can talk her into it.

   Kerri Nelson

Scribendi – $1,400 for a full ms

The Word Queen – $1,200 for a full ms.

  Readers Favorite – $1 per page

  Bonnie Myhrum, Professional Secretary LLC


George Patsouras – He’s the illustrator of my Demon Talker Series

Dawne Dominique – She’s the illustrator of As Night Falls, The Dustman, The Hands of Tarot

    GoBookCoverDesign – I like how crisp these designs are. I might give these guys a try.

     Mooney Designs – I have GOT to try her out!

PhatPuppy – She is in the over $600 range, but OMW! Fantastic! I’m saving up to use her at least once!

 Book Trailers

I’m still a little undecided on this one! I haven’t had too many people claim they bought my book because of my book trailer, but a lot of that could be because I don’t have a GREAT book trailer. Mine are kinda…well, amateur -ish. Here are some interesting facts on why book trailers should work.

 Find a Radio Station/Program    AuthorBroadcast – $150 – $500

 Find a Radio Station/Program    Readers Favorite – $150 – $400

 Book Reviews

I’m still a little undecided on this one, as well! Is this a scam? It sounds like it could be a good thing, but…

    Book Rooster – $67 for (10) reviews…is it worth it?


 ReadingVacation – She’s pretty young

 ReaderBen – he’s 12

 MoiraTheFates – needs paperback

 The Little Pink Book Boutique




 YA & Whiskey Sours

For Writers and Publishers

  Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network, SPAWN 

  Small Publishers Association of North America, SPAN

  Independent Author Network, IAN