Ohhhhh, budgeting!

A lot of books fail or succeed because of budgeting. This is the hardest part. You want to do so much for your book, but you’re on a really tight budget! So, let’s discuss a few of the MUST-HAVES that you should invest in your book!

Cover – $75 – $200 – $800

There are authors who disagree. A cover is something worth investing in. If you’re lucky enough to be creative and have the computer savvy to do this on your own, GREAT! If not, you need to invest. You can get a pretty decent cover for about $75 – 200. For more information, read my earlier post on covers.

Editing – $60 – $1,200

This is something that most authors agree on. You really do need to invest in this. Most authors are just frustrated by this investment because even after you hire an editor, you still get the, “There was some grammar.” The indie market has really opened a can of worms with this. Reviewers are LOOKING and we’re on a grade system!

I’m going to be collecting my notes and posting links to a few editors that are good and looking for more work.

Formatting – $30 – $75

This is one of those things that you can do on your own:

  1. If you have time
  2. If you know how

If you’re struggling with time, invest in this. If you don’t think you have the know-how find someone else who does. There’s a long list of people who can help you with this. I’ll comb through my notes and provide you with a list with links at a later date.  For now, take a look at some of my FAIL notes and see if this is something you want to invest in!


Promotion – $60 – $1,500

This is a must-have in my opinion! You can do a lot with $60. It will at the very least get your name out there. However, if you’re serious, you should invest in a promotion package that’s in the $500 – $1,500 range.  You’re not buying a spotlight. You’re investing in your book.  For more information, look at my blog tour post.

Other stuff

Anything that falls outside of this, is really not necessary.

Bookmarks? They’re fun! But I know a lot of authors with a lot of left-over bookmarks!

  • Your cover artist can do these for about $40
  • Printing and shipping cost for 250 about $50

Business cards? They’re nice to have. You can get some good deals on Vista.

  •  Printing plus shipping 250 is about $30

Bookswag? This is great to give out with your books! You can do anything from homemade gifts to printed cards.

  • If you’re not careful, this could run you anywhere from $30 – $200

Postage! If you have paperbacks, you have to think postage!

  • The Priority Mail envelopes are a flat rate of $5. Get those!
  • Media mail is CHEAP, but takes a long time. Reviewers get grouchy when they have to wait for their book!
  • Over-seas shipping is pricey. Canada? Not so much, surprisingly. England? Yes!

Book trailers? I have no idea how much these cost. I’ve been playing around after being schooled by my kids, and I created two that are…eh! Decent. The one, I really can’t promote because of copyrighted materials, but I was playing. Having fun. The other is good. I just need to figure out how to splice music files. If  you find out about book trailers or have thoughts you’d like to share, let me know!

These are just a few of the things that hit my budget. I wasn’t prepared for all of them, but be on the look out and plan-plan-plan!

And don’t forget, The Hands of Tarot is launching TOMORROW! Are you ready? I am! Whew!