Originally published 1-May-2009

Okay. These are all the littles in both series. We’ve got from left to right: Brenna, Daisy, Leah, Kat, and Riley. They’re all a part of the Kingdom Series except for Leah. She’s all alone in the Demon Talker Series. In the series, that’s a problem. In my head, not so much because she gets to hang out with the other ladies. So don’t think books right now. No! Just look at them like they’re people because they are.

Just as a side note, all the characters’ pictures are brought to you thanks to CandyBar 4 DollMaker. So when I say I found someone’s face or hair or whatever, that’s what I’m talking about. I highly recommend playing around with it. It’s a lot of fun!

Frankie: Hey! I’m home!

Riley: How was the date?

Frankie: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Brenna: Come on. You gotta tell us.

Frankie: *smiling sigh* Okay. Okay.

*girls clammer around and sit on the bed*

Frankie: He was very nice. He was the perfect gentleman.

Kat: What did you do? The climbing wall? Parachuting?

Daisy: *elbows Kat* People don’t really do that.

Kat: *sends Daisy the Evil Glare of Death*

Frankie: No. We went to dinner…*frowns*…and didn’t eat dinner. We just had ice tea and a nice conversation.

Kat: *hops off bed and starts rummaging through closet* Sounds boring.

Riley: *snorts* So what did you talk about?

Frankie: Just…stuff. This isn’t something we should be talking about anyway. You know?

Brenna: Why not? We’re going to go do this on our own anyway.

Frankie: Hey! Not until you’re forty!

Brenna: *waves her away* You know that we–

Frankie: Don’t even finish that sentence, Girl-child. Don’t.

Brenna: But it’s different with me and Takoda. He’s–

Daisy: *clasps hands to chest* He’s so dreamy.

*two shirts fly through air*

Riley: *clasps hands to chest and leans toward Daisy* And his eyes are so chocolaty.

Daisy: And his hands are so–

Frankie: Hey! What do you know about his hands?

*a brown coat lands with a thud on the floor*

Leah: *giggle*

Daisy: And his hooves are so hard.

Riley: *bites lip* That’s a problem.

Daisy: *pathetic sad face* I know. But he’s just so wonderful, I can overlook anythi–

Brenna: *throws sock* Hey, what about fire boy?

Leah: I need a boy. I don’t care if he’s a horse half the time or if his hair’s on fire–

Riley: *eyebrows raised* That is a problem. The last time–

Frankie: The last time? Are you freakin’ kidding me? When was the last time? What happened?

*thud in the closet*

Kat: *muffled* I’m okay.

Frankie: *glances worriedly at the closet* If anything happened, I’m gonna–

Riley: *rolls eyes* Frankie, you’re not my mom.

Frankie: *fish face (mouth opens, mouth closes, mouth opens, mouth closes)* So?