Originally published 18-May-2009


Hey!  I’m Riley and eventually, Frankie’s going to add a page so that I can talk to you and tell you a bit about what’s actually happening in the series and stuff because, you know what?  Who knows more about what’s going on in the story?  Her or me?

Weeeeeellll, I’m going to go out on a limb and say me because I’m actually living this life.

But she’d argue that she dreamt up my life.

And I’d argue that if a tree fell in the woods while no one was around to hear it, does it mean that it fell down or not.

And then she’d be completely lost…

Well, so are you, but hey!  Guess what?  I won!


I’m Ri’s little sister. In all the blurbs and stuff, Frankie keeps kicking me out!

She says she’s going to write me a series of my own, but what could I do that’d top saving two worlds?

*frown*  Not much.

I could find and then save three worlds.

*grin*  Yeah! *fistbump*


 I’d rather keep myself a mystery to you.  Maybe after awhile, I’ll–*scuffs toe*

Yeah, so, I don’t know.

Um, nice to meet you.

And, no!  I’m not going to set Ri on fire!


My name is Brenn-A.  Say it with me.  B-R-E-N-N-A!  I don’t know what’s so hard about the “A” bit, but…*shakes head*  First Frankie started in on it and then Ri picked it up and now everyone’s calling me Brenn.

Sigh.  I think it’s a lost cause.

Anyway, I’m Ri’s best friend.  I was oober excited when she told me she’s an alien, but what are friends for, right?  We accept our friends for who they are and try and help them do their best.  Of course, now, she’s a sword-welding warrior girl on another world!

Wow!  How’d that happen?

Oh!  And I do NOT have purple hair.  There were just too many of us with dark brown/black hair and she asked me if I would…and…hey!  Purple hair is fun.


Apparently, I didn’t fit on the header, so Frankie kicked me off.  Well, there’s a bunch of us.  But I’m Daisy and by book 2, I guess you could say that Riley and I have finally become friends.

She stole Rune, so that was kinda hard for me to swallow.  He’s been MY crush since we were in kindergarten and he used to steel my crayons.

But now, I mostly hang out with her (Ri) and Brenn and Kat.

Kat’s my pal.  I’m teaching to use her bow.  She is one great kid!  LOVE her!

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to my studies.  I just know that there’s going to be a pop quiz in history tomorrow and I am not going to get caught with a B.  I don’t care if we’re saving two worlds or not.


I’m a centaur and Riley’s guard while she goes through school.  While she’s still going to school when she’s got a world to save, I don’t know.

But you want to know how I can go to school with her, don’t you.  Yeah.

It’s this thing with the Veil, the thing that separates your world from mine.  I’m technically two of your creatures–horse and human.  So I’m one by day and the other by night.

All right, well.  I’m severely bored now and have to go on patrol.

You.  Don’t get Ri into any more trouble.

Mom (Cierra Courlin)

Welcome to the insane asylum!

Everyone together!

“They’re coming to take me away. Haha!

They’re coming to take me away. Hehe, hoho.

To the happy home!  Where life is beautiful all the time!

And I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats!

And they’re coming to take me away.  Haha!”

Trust me!  When all these hoodlums are at the house, that’s what I sing!

OH!  And for those of you who don’t know, I’m Ri’s and Kat’s mom.  Though…everyone else calls me Mom, too.  However!  If you’re older than I am–*gives the sharp Mom look*–you can call me Cierra.  Or Cessy.

And, Rune?  *very quiet voice*  You’d better not set fire to my daughter.  If you do…I’ll know you were kissing and you know what I said about kissing…


Geez!  Would you look at me?  I’m starting to look like an old man.

I’m Riley and Katlyn’s dad.  I was just re-introduced into their lives very recently, so things are…well, they’re interesting.  Sometimes, I feel a little like the third wheel–or the twelfth wheel in this case.  But…

*sigh*  You should meet those girls.  They’re really something.

I–*shuffles feet*–am from the other dimension.  The girls really aren’t aliens.  I honestly don’t understand where they’re even getting that from.  Our dimension’s just a little…different, is all.  *hides smile*

Well, I don’t want to embarass Riley anymore than I already have, so I’d better get going.  Besides, I have to go make sure nothing horrible–like an elemental ex-girlfriend who wants to kill my daughter–crosses over to this realm.  That…would not be good.

*takes Cessy away for a moment*  Hon, what did we talk about?  We are NOT going to scare the poor kid.