2015 happy new year design art
2015 happy new year design art

Well, as far as 2015 goes, it didn’t suck. It really didn’t. My writing kinda did. Oops. I didn’t get a lot of writing done and then I launched a failed experiment and a dud, trying to get it out too early. Yeah, as far as writing goes, 2015 was kind of a crap year for me. I struggled.

Hard core.

But I was getting the rest of my life together and that has to count for something. I have a better job. I’m succeeding at as well. I’m in a relationship that’s adding a lot of quality to my life. My finances are in better order and things are being dealt with. Finally. Because writing makes Frankie less bitchy. No joke.

Going into 2016, I’ve got to get back on the writing and succeeding at publishing bus. I have to. Right now, it’s kind of a really expensive hobby, and that’s not acceptable. I don’t suck at this writing thing. I’m just not awesome…enough to matter. I have to figure out a way around that. And I will. I have a writing schedule that allows work time–because paying the bills is a must–and family time. I’ve also trained the new family to allow writing time

I have a publication plan that’s not nearly as aggressive as I’m used to. That kind of killed me this year anyway. Can’t write aggressively with a 50+ hour a week job and a family. Sorry.

Some people can. I’m sure. Not me. I’ll get more books out there. Get them promoted.

Hopefully, they don’t suck and people can actually enjoy them. That would be awesome. I want to keep doing this. I want to keep writing. I want to keep publishing. But…I’ve seriously got to figure out how to be good at it, or at least, better. So…that’s what I’m going to be working on next year. Well, starting on this week. Whatever. Anyway.

So, that’s the 2015 recap! It didn’t suck. 2016 shall be better!